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HNBR O-ring

HNBR O-ring

Product Description

Rubber O-RING is a kind of sealing products which is usually made of springing material and through the molding way to make it in the ring shape. It is generally used to seal the fluid liquid or gas, often works as a part of the whole set of sealing parts. O-ring is good at both in static seal and dynamic seal, main material contains: NBR, SR, VITON, SILICON PTFE, HNBR, PU etc.

Feature of Rubber O-Ring:

1. Several material f or oil seal, o-ring and rubber gasket like: NBR, HNBR, CR, PDFE, EPDM, SILICONE, VITONE, etc. Can choose on your requirement;
2. Many types of oil seal: TC, TB, TA, SC, SB, SA, VC, VB, VA, KC, KB, KA, DC, dB etc, also can make on your demand;
3. Many types of O-ring: O-type, E-type, U-type, V-type and so on, can make on your type.
4. Different sizes of oil seal, also can make on your size.
5. Optional color for you of the oil seal, o-ring and rubber gasket: Black, red, yellow, brown, white, green, violet etc, can make it on your order;
6. Your OEM order of oil seal or o-ring, rubber gasket is welcomed as well.
7. Apply for: Auto, air condition, machinery, water pumps, valves, furniture, toys, pipes.
8. We promise the high quality but low price of Oil seal, O-ring, Rubber seal, Rubber gasket, Rubber ring, Sealing ring, Sealing gasket.

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